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zt07elecfreaks 发布于2018-01-12 10:14

Friday Product Post: Colorful EL Wires

In our last Friday product post, I have shown you an orange EL wire. Today I am going to show you its brother wires. You can see EL wires in different color. Since Christmas is closing day by day. Let's just get prepared for our Christmas Holiday with these colorful wires!

New Produc1: Neon Light EL Wire 1000mmx2.3mm Red

New Product 2: Neon Light EL Wire 1000mmx2.3mm Yellow

New Product 3: Neon Light EL Wire 1000mmx2.3mm Blue

New Product 4: Neon Light EL Wire 1000mmx2.3mm Green

New Product 5: Neon Light EL Wire 1000mmx2.3mm Purple

New Product 6: Neon Light EL Wire 1000mmx2.3mm White

After being charged, these wires become colorful bright lines in the darkness. You can use an EL inverter as a power source and control the light. These wires are all made of green material. It is environment protect. Once charged, you can feel the surface temperature of wire still remains the same as before. It will not be heated. These cables are very beautiful decorations for the night or darkness areas. If you gathered all these colors, you can create a small rainbow at your home. Or you can make these wires to make a colorful wig. Sounds very interesting, right?

You can use your creation and imagination to think out more wonderful usages for these wires. For example, make a home decoration for the soon coming Christmas Day, use these wires in your paintings, or make a toy for your children, etc.. So just hurry up to pick up some wires you like!