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zt07elecfreaks 发布于2018-01-16 10:01

Friday Product Post: BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Motor Driver Board

Hello, my friends! New product comes again! Let's take a look what we bring to you.

New product:
BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Motor Driver Board Based on Arduino UNO.

Privately, this product has a nickname: BLE Motor. We call it BLE Motor for better remembrance. BLE Motor, abbreviated for BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Motor Driver Board Based on Arduino UNO, is a kind of motor driver board compatible with Arduino UNO. On the black PCB board, you can see colorful pins and components on it.
It is small but very powerful. It has integrated BLE Bluetooth 4.0 module, MEGA328 Main Control, L298P motor driver chip, voltage switch, power switch, reset button, etc.. A BLE Motor equals to an integration of "Arduino Uno+BLE module+Sensor Shield+L298P Motor Shield".We can use it to drive a one-way stepping motor or two-way DC motor. We can plug into all kinds of sensors benefit by the sensor port on it. At the same time, we can plug in various Shield extensions because it has a port compatible with Arduino Shield. Besides, BLE Motor can be connected to outer power supply device. The voltage switch on the board allows us to change voltage between 3.3V and 5V. It has a reserved RF connector (CC1101 UART module), which can support wireless control with further distance. What's more, it has 5 prepared undefined keys. That means we can define its functions according to our requirements. It is a convenient development board for robots or intelligent cars. All these characters make this board become a wonderful creation.

We combined all these components on this palm-sized board with aims to create a powerful and convenient board. Because we do not like too much cables. Too much cables entwined will bring us a bad feeling about our artwork. However, this board helps us get rid of these messy cables and make it cleaner and more stable. More importantly, the whole size is well controlled. So it is really a good invention for DIY fans like me. And I am sure you will like it.

Well, that's all for our new product of this week. If you want to know more about our products, you can follow up our blogs or Facebook. See you next week!