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zt07elecfreaks 发布于2018-01-16 10:02

Friday New Product Post: Micro:bit Board and Accessories


Time to bring our new product of this week. Let's see what new products we have!

Product name: BBC Micro:bit Board for Coding & Programming

Price: 14.95 USD


Micro:bit board is launched by BBC which aims to help children at or above 7 grade to learn programming better. Micro:bit board has abundant board resources like 5*5 LED metric dot array, 2 buttons, USB ports etc.. It is only pocket size but very powerful. You can program, customize or control it at well.

Product Name: Microbit Breadboard Adapter
Price: 4.59 USD


Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter is a breadboard pinboard based on Micro:bit. It can be directly plugged into breadboard. Through this adapter, you can start various DIY creation on Mico:bit Breadboard.

Product Name: Motor And Wheel Combinations Kit For FreaksBot

Price: 3.85 USD


Motor And Wheel Combinations Kit For FreaksBot is compatible with FreaksBot - Motor Driver Mainboard Based on Arduino MEGA2560(EF01024).

That's all for our new products of this week. We will regularly launch new products on Friday. Just keep focusing on our blogs or store, you will have new surprise.
If you want to buy our new products, just click the link under each new product to add it into cart. We will arrange delivery within 2 weeks after you paid. If you buy more, we can give you more discounts. Sounds so good right? Now let's hurry up and get one before other buyers cleared our stocks for it is hot product now!