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zt07elecfreaks 发布于2018-01-16 17:06

Bravo! A Million Yuan Project Now Opened! (ELF II – VRDrone Code and its 3D Print Shell Parameters)

ELF II VRDrone has ever raised 140,000 USD successfully through crowdfunding in indiegogo. Since the year of 2015, Elecfreaks has invested a lot of time and energy in ELF II – VRDrone project. After 3 years' constant trial and production, this product is quite mature now. Through continuous update of ELF II, now this little drone with built-in 720P camera do not require a complicated professional controller any more. With your IOS or Android device only, you can download an app to play it. It is quite easy to control!

Elecfreaks is always an advocator and participant for our domestic open source hardware. All of our self-developed products have opened its source. And recently, we have announced officially that all of our ELF II – VRDrone development code and several self-designed shells made by 3D printer are opened. Here's the product information:

Source code : https://github.com/elecfreaks/ELF2-VRDrone

Below is the 3D printed shell link for our ELF drone

It is quite amazing for the high open degree of ELF II – VRDrone. With a 3D printer only, you can print out various drone bodies. Or even you can design the drone body by yourself!

Our Elecfreaks product conception is "Devote to open hardware.". All process in design and production are based on highly open source idea with aims to make creative players can enjoy the fun of Technology or enjoy the growth and exploration with their children during manual assembly, control or even revision.

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