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zt07elecfreaks 发布于2018-01-29 15:29

Friday Product Post: Ring:bit Car, Acrylic Base Board and RGB Rainbow LED Bead

Hello My dear friends! How is your micro:bit study going? I guess you might have already matered the basic programming skills now and feel itch to do some projects. Well, it's Friday again. Let's find something new for our next project!

New Product 1: Ring: bit Car — Mirco: bit Educational Smart Robot Kit for Kids

Look! What a cute small elephant it is! This small car is made of micro:bit. With two octopus hunt sensors in the front, it can smell the odor of line and march on according to the direction of line. Inside the small elephant car, we have added a ring:bit board to lead out three GPIO ports, among which two GPIO are used for driving two servos and the other one is undefined. You can program for this car, or just change the shell by telling us to custom-made a shell of your favorite cartoon figures like a dear, a pig, a cat, and so on. Just move your hands to make one!

New Product 2: Acrylic Base Board with Nylon Watch Bands for Power:bit

With this case + band + Power:bit, we make your micro: bit into a wearable gadget such as Pedometer, timer or Compass.

New Product 3: Single RGB Rainbow LED Bead 5/Pack

This Led Bead is just the 5 pieces pack of Single RGB Rainbow LED Bead, buy 5 one time, cheaper and useful.